Save a lot of fuel

Co² tax on fuel makes fuel prices soar. Initially there is less driving, but after the drivers have got used to it, the frequent driving starts again. It is forgotten that the income does not increase. The household does not have the money that is spent on the higher fuel price.

Use tips

In the “ Driving Tips ” and “ Save Fuel ” categories there is a large amount of information that can be used to reduce fuel consumption. These work as long as you stick to these tips. However, the result only occurs after a few tank fillings. The fuel consumption display for every 100 kilometers traveled shows whether fuel consumption has decreased. If fuel consumption does not decrease, you should think about your own driving style.

When it is no longer possible to save with an economical driving style

At some point, a calm driving style will no longer reduce fuel consumption. Every engine requires a minimum amount of fuel to run properly. You also want to get to your destination quickly.

Become self-sufficient

To be self-sufficient does not mean to grow everything or plants in your garden, balcony or on the windowsill that is needed for nutrition. It only means producing part of your food yourself.

Even the herbs in the balcony box or the windowsill contribute to self-sufficiency. For garden owners this means growing as much fruit and vegetables as possible and as needed. To preserve, store and then recycle these products in addition to immediate consumption.

Self-sufficiency saves some amounts of fuel. In the harvest season, the drive to the market can be saved because the food is made from products grown in-house. The combination of stockpiling with self-sufficiency is the ideal case, provided you consider “I need, I don’t”.

Using a garden, balcony or terrace optimally, feeling good, saves a lot of weekend trips that are supposed to be used for relaxation. The vehicle stops and does not consume any fuel. The advantage, the money stays in the wallet and the environment is also spared.

Food storage

Over time it became fashionable, the warehouse is the supermarket. It is better to keep stocks of the groceries and cleaning supplies most needed in the kitchen. A heavy coffee drinker should always keep several packs of coffee in stock. The advantage here is that he buys the coffee as needed, but according to the offer.

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