Car leasing: find the optimal financing

Drive your personal dream car as quickly as possible and not save many years for it? This is exactly what is possible with car leasing. This form of car financing is currently very popular, because after all, the dream of the dream car comes true here. But what exactly is behind car leasing and what should you pay particular attention to?

What is car leasing?

Basically, the principle of car leasing is easy to explain. It is a rental for the car that is paid for for a certain period of time. Car leasing typically runs for two to five years. The user pays a monthly installment so that he can use the vehicle.

After the contract expires, the car can be returned or bought. The leasing installments are usually cheaper than loan installments – but the user does not own the vehicle either.

How exactly does car leasing work?

Anyone who leases a car pays a fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract. The leasing rate. A three-year leasing contract is common. During this time it is possible to terminate the contract. This is relevant, for example, if the installments can no longer be paid due to unemployment.

Car leasing sounds very tempting, but the catch always comes at the end. Because in the end the vehicle either has to be returned or released. A final payment is then required for this. This relates in particular to these parts of the contract:

  • Mileage clause
  • Residual value clause
  • Hidden costs

Before signing a contract, interested parties must carefully consider whether car leasing really makes sense. Or whether the classic car financing is more profitable after all. It’s a very individual matter.

Compare offers: the nuts and bolts of leasing

It is sometimes not that easy to find the perfect leasing vehicle that also fits in with the price. The price comparison is absolutely necessary, especially for car leasing. In this respect, car buyers must also take the time to check the various offers. This is particularly easy with a leasing search engine. Because this has the advantage that all available offers can be seen at a glance. Thanks to the search mask, the search can also be refined and only the leasing offers that are relevant appear.

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